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Pakatus reviews MySims Agents (WII)

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Pakatus said...

A "nice" game :)

I know that to most hardcore players, this seems a "kid game". Indeed it is... Its a kid game but funny to every grown up :)

You start of as a "neighbourhood" detective...solving a simple case, and you grow from there, becoming an agent. Solving cases gets more and more complex as gameplay evolves, and soon you'll have to use your brain to know exactly where to go next. This includes mini games perfectly fitting in the action.

As time goes by, you find yourself in your HQ, finding new items to decorate it with, and recruting new agents that will help you in your assignments. At the same time, you can build squads and send them to solve cases (really non-sense ones), by their own.

History is funny, amusing and evolved. Graphics are nice (MySims), and action is hardly dull.

Who said, kid games are not for grownups? :)

Game Traits applied to MySims Agents (WII) by Pakatus

  • The Setting:
  • Playing As:
  • Playing Against:
    Bad Sims
  • How it's Played:
  • General Tone:
    Light Humour
MySims Agents

MySims Agents (WII)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Third-Person Graphic Adventure
Release Date: 29/SEP/09
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